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Biology 2160: Test Questions

dubiety 1 5 proscribed of 5 points The nutrients fall into ______ classes perform Selected ca aim 3. 6 better consequence 3. 6 oral sex 2 5 emerge of 5 points The nearly energy-rich of the nutrients is resolution Selected Answer 2. fatten Correct Answer 2. fat Question 3 5 extinct of 5 points All of the following nutrients be organic EXCEPT Answer Selected Answer 1. minerals Correct Answer 1. minerals Question 4 0 out of 5 points Effects of physical legal action on the body include all of the following EXCEPT Answer Selected Answer 5. all of the following are effects of physical bodily function Correct Answer 1. decreased bone density Question 5 5 out of 5 points Carbohydrate and protein each contain __ calories in a gram. Answer Selected Answer 2. 4 Correct Answer 2. 4 Question 6 5 out of 5 points The abundance of sheaths of foods at present has made it Answer Selected Answer 1. more difficult to forge a nutritious diet Correct Answer 1. more difficult to plan a nu tritious diet Question 7 5 out of 5 points Your family always has rice available at every meal, bonnie as it has been for every generation. This is an example of ____ of food selection. AnswerSelected Answer 1. cultural custom Correct Answer 1. cultural tradition Question 8 5 out of 5 pointsA study conducted in several countries where a lofty intake of fish and a low intake of animal fat were correlated with a low rate of breast cancer last is an example of a(n) Answer Selected Answer 1. epidemiological study Correct Answer 1. epidemiological study Question 9 0 out of 5 points Scientists have developed a new type of margarine containing set ingredients they think will lower blood cholesterol levels in masses who use the margarine. They want to test this by having some people use the new margarine for a while and then compare their cholesterol levels with those of a group of people who use regular margarine.This is an example of what type of research design? Answer Selected Ans wer 4. laboratory study Correct Answer 3. intervention study Question 10 5 out of 5 points The main purpose of the national research projects, the National health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) and the Continuing Survey of Food Intakes by Individuals (CSFII), is to Answer Selected Answer 2. determine what the nutrient and dietary intakes of the nation in our earth are Correct Answer 2. determine what the nutrient and dietary intakes of the population in our country are

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