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Channels & intermediaries for marketing plan and promotion strategy Term Paper

Channels & intermediaries for marketing plan and promotion strategy - Term Paper Example e the need to lower the costs of distribution, increased power of distributors, particularly retailers within marketing channels, increased difficulties in achieving proper competitive advantage, and the development of e – commerce and information and communication technologies. The theory of the marketing channel can be puzzling. At times, it is thought of as the course in use by a product as it progresses from the producer to the consumer or another final user. Several describe it as the route in use by the title to goods as it progresses through different agencies. Still others explain the marketing channel in terms of free coalitions of business enterprises that have come together with the intention of trade. Much of the uncertainty possibly stems from conflicting viewpoints or perspectives. A marketing channel is an essential marketing decision area that must be addressed by the marketing management. A marketing channel may be described as the external contactual organization that the management of a business controls in order to attain its distribution objectives. Marketing channel strategy is a key strategic area of marketing management, which fits under the place or distribution variable in the marketing mix (Ken Kaser, 2007). The management of the Youth Soccer Club must develop and run its marketing channels in a way that supports and augments the other planned variables of the marketing mix, to meet the demands of the club’s target markets. Where limitations exist in the promotion, price, and product strategies of the marketing mix, the best hope for the soccer club to be successful is to emphasize the market channel strategy. Specifically, the soccer club could establish stronger connections with donors or sponsors and suppliers. From the perspective of establishing competitive advantage, which ahs long-term viability, market channel strategy that is focused on the establishment of strong relationships between donors or suppliers and channel

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