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Nursing Leadership Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Nursing Leadership - Essay Example 3. Yes, there are a lot of differences between central and decentralized organization structures n terms of authority, responsibility and accountability. First of all, in a centralized system, the people responsible for decision making are the top organization. If anything goes wrong then they have to be held accountable unlike in a decentralized structure where many people are held accountable and the responsibility is divided (Dale, 2007). Unit 2.2., Part A My selected rationale for the quality indicator is the pain reassessment documentation which is always forgotten by most nurses after delivering their pain medication. This assessment is very important to the patient but sometimes nurses tend to ignore it due to assumptions made that the patient is okay. To spread the information on the methods that can be used to improve quality, I will use a memo to all the nurses concerned and ensure that they know that it is their duty to perform the pain reassessment and document it. To eva luate the success of the plan, I will monitor the reassessment process of every nurse who is on duty to ensure that they follow the right reassessment procedure without skipping it. I will also print a confirmation report signed by both the patient and the nurse that the whole process has been completed up to the reassessment documentation. Yes, I have built in a form that the nurses would use to evaluate themselves based on the performance that they provide to the patients. Every nurse who does not abide to the new regulations and does not reassess the pain medication will be subject to a punishment that the hospital shall give. Unit 2.2., Part B In our organization, change is one of the major problems that people find hard to adapt to. The organization therefore should look at ways to see that people effectively adapt to change without any complications. This assessment was very critical to understanding the organization well. As an organization, there are roles that the managemen t, the employees, and the customers have to know. This assessment was able to identify specific weaknesses that my organization has. I got to know that there is a fair relationship and understanding between the employees and the customers. The needs of the customer are fairly understood by the employee in a fair manner. However this was not good as the relationship needed to be perfect to ensure that the customers get exactly what they deserve. Communication with the customer is however good and so most of the customer complains reach the staff and recommendations are made. However there is need in the organization to educate the employees on some of the customer needs and some of the ways of treating the customer. Teamwork is also fair in the organization. Most of the tasks that are given are either solved individually or by a small group of employees, since teamwork is very important, there is need to educate the employees on effective teamwork and how to improve quality by workin g together as a team. However, most of

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