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Autism - discusion Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Autism - discusion - Coursework Example 946). Over time, the new system may prove to be hard when used in diagnosing children and those are already on the spectrum of autism. It has been noted that there is the likelihood of one child to be diagnosed with several diagnosis when subjected for diagnosis by different clinicians. In the old system, disagreement has always been noted when labels are given to children who are within range of autism hence creating confusion to the child and the family members (Regier et al., p. 645). The new system of autism diagnosis will, therefore, do away with the labels that have not been useful over time. The new system has combined all the diagnosis into one single â€Å"autism spectrum disorder†. Some children who are already diagnosed with autism will still qualify for a diagnosis. Some will not and this will create confusion to the parents concerning their treatment since they will not have qualified to receive any. The question remains on how to treat this those who will not qualify for the new DSM-v be treated. Will they receive a different diagnosis that should improve their treatment or what will be the best step to

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