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Technology in Education Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Technology in Education - Research Paper Example PDAs vs. hard form books: Portable digital document devices are part of schools, colleges, universities, libraries. People sit in cafes, parks, travel in metros and have this digital device that contains many books in them. It has added to the economy aspect as well, for example large number of books are available online now which were not in past and people had to pay for it or go to markets to get them, with so many books available online, mere download enables books in your digital device, and they don’t even cost anything in terms of the digital memory, being thin on resources in terms of digital consumption, these books consume merely a few kilobytes or megabytes of space which has become an irrelevant term in modern times considering how much of space and capacity has been created in the computers in present day. Diplomas, certifications and courses are conducted online. Video conferencing is a gift of technology and is largely used in educational sector, not just in the domain of students but also for the organizers and top heads of educational departments all over. The manner in which education is being spread has also changed as a result of technology. More than hard form of educational resources, it is the soft form of educational content that is in practice and business. E- Libraries have over taken the conventional libraries. Note books have been replaced by the digital note books. Tablets, laptops, mini computers, desktops, mobile phones, portable readers, electronic readers, all are depictive of the digital sources which are used for educational purposes. For example specially designated and designed digital equipment has been introduced for a specific purpose of educational imparting. This device comes in form of a... It is stated that the mankind has explored many ways for its comfort. It has been a continuous process and it has been achieved in steps with improvement from one phase to another. Technology has changed the outlook of our entire life, the entire pattern of how we go about things, how things are perceived, how they are adopted and accepted. Communication is being performed through it, which is an essential tool of technology. This tool has been put into effect in different disciplines of life, and education is one of them. Technology and communication, that were both analyzed in this essay have been brought together to facilitate the purpose of modern and quality education and it has been put to good effect in many zones. While education has been a continuous quest, and it is through education that these changes and developments have been made, yet education too has undergone the modes in which it can be acquired. In conclusion, the researcher states that technology is bound to incre ase the spread of education in times ahead, at the same time it would open more dimensions of educational ease and spread in all parts of the world. It is also mentioned that although libraries look more deserted now, yet it is the omnipresence of technology that is more dominant. With every day advancements in informational technological field, one can only guess what would be the future outlook, but one can for sure say that it is the betterment of education that will come along it as the technology and science proceed.

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