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Instructions and Page Layout Principles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Instructions and Page Layout Principles - Essay Example Instructions and Page Layout Principles The intended audience for the instruction set are users with very limited knowledge of computer who wish to install Skype into their computers. These users may either have Microsoft Windows, Macintosh or Linux operating systems installed in their computers. †¢ The title of the instruction set â€Å"How to Install Skype Software† does not clearly indicate the type of device that the installation guide is meant to be for e.g. a computer, smart phone, etc. †¢ In step 1, it is vaguely mentioned to download the software from its official site. As there is no direct download link on the home page of the site, the instruction could prove to be ambiguous for the target audience. †¢ The instructions are slightly misleading for the target audience. The actual process is slightly different from the options specified in the instruction set. The option to ‘save’ or ‘run’ is not encountered when the instructions are followed. †¢ In Step 1, a reference to the â€Å"Resources† section is made to download the software from. The â€Å"Resources† section does not contain any download link. The document presented a set of technically sound instructions. The process of formulating instructions correctly and without confusions for the intended audience was explained in detail. An actual set of instructions with confusing and inaccurate instructions was considered and revised in accordance to the intended audience. Relevant images were also used to assist removing any chances of confusions.

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