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The Oprah Winfrey Shows episode Essay Example

The Oprah Winfrey Shows episode Essay Example The Oprah Winfrey Shows episode Paper The Oprah Winfrey Shows episode Paper The Oprah Winfrey Shows episode about shocking medical mistakes is a very informative episode, especially to people suffering from various medical conditions. This particular episode shows how patients can be more vigilant with their medical treatments to further verify their medical condition and to avoid medical mistakes. This episode in Oprah Winfrey was presented starting with the introduction of the patients cases that were featured. Through a video recording, the patients reiterated their experiences on the various medical mistakes that were done against them and how they have dealt with it. The guests were interviewed by Oprah Winfrey in front of the audience and discussed further details of the topic. The discussion in the entire show is very informative and full of words that will affect a person emotionally. The case is well presented and the evidences are highlighted. However, in the course of the discussion, the doctors are presented as incompetent and inaccurate on the tests that they conduct, degrading those in the profession. It somehow insinuated that medical practitioners are at some point careless and reckless in handling their patients cases which has a negative effect on the patients health state. Most of the part of the discussion appeal on the emotions of the audience. The audience is mostly captured by the emotion in the arguments and not on the logical content of the argument. When Dr. Oz commented on the case and gave his professional insights, the arguments are balanced by giving the side of those who are in the profession. Dr. Oz expressed that doctors and surgeons are also humans that may commit mistakes. He even advocated for smart patient movement that aims to encourage patients to seek second opinion about their condition. The doctor presented a logical and intellectual explanation and arguments explicating both the sides of the doctors and of the patients. Dr. Oz gave profound statements on how patients can be more vigilant and more involved in medical procedures. He did not contradict the earlier ideas but expound them for the audiences further understanding. Overall, the discussion is a successful presentation of ideas and argument that are coherent with each other. In the end, the discussion concluded on the role that a patient has to play when undergoing a medical examination or treatment. The discussion ended in the idea of cooperation of both patient and medical practitioners in the process of treating the patient. Reference The Oprah Winfrey Show. (2009). Shocking Medical Mistakes. Retrieved June 24, 2009, from oprah. com/slideshow/oprahshow/20090219-tows-medical-mistake.

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