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Medication administration via enternal tubes, a survey of nurses Essay

Medication administration via enternal tubes, a survey of nurses practices - Essay Example The report was authore by Nicole Margaret who is a PhD holder, a lecturer and administrator at Deakin University, and Ruth Endacott, a professor at Monash University. This paper seeks to analyze the nursing research article. The paper will look into benefits of ‘evidence-based’ practice in the scope of nursing profession and then review the research article. Why evidence based practice is important in nursing Evidence based practice is important to all stakeholders in the scope of nursing. Patients are one of the categories of stakeholders that enjoy the benefits of ‘evidence-based’ practice. As beneficiaries of healthcare and with the precision in diagnosis, prescriptions and recommendations that are prompted by ‘evidence-based’ practice, the patients stands to benefit from higher quality healthcare services (Polit and Beck 1. P. 34- 36). Evidence based practice also enhances patients’ confidence in the offered services based on the beli ef that the personnel are competent and would only use the practice for a good cause. Development of ‘evidence-based’ practice has also induced higher level of proficiency among nurses by keeping them informed. In order to apply the practice that is research based, the personnel have to conduct a literature review over each subject matter, a step that keeps the nurses informed of the skills and knowledge in the profession. The nurses therefore benefits from improved capacity in knowledge and skills in the profession. Healthcare organizations, operating in a competitive market in which customers are quality oriented also benefits from ‘evidence-based’ practice. The level of precision in approach to healthcare based on the practice and the associated quality makes an organization that applies evidence base practice more competitive than those that do not use the practice. Development of the practice therefore helps health organizations to be more credible com pared to their competitions. The community on the other hand benefits from better services for a healthy society (Courtney and McCutcheon, 2009, p. 5). Evidence based practice is also generally important to stakeholders in the nursing scope due to its effects of improved quality services in practice. By forming grounds for informed â€Å"decisions and actions,† evidence based practice ensures competence in administration of healthcare. It means application of most appropriate approaches to solving precisely identified problems. This has been associated with practices that â€Å"are appropriate, cost effective, and result in positive outcomes for clients† (Polit and Beck, 2008, p. 4; Houser, 2012, n.p.). Similarly, Holland and Rees applauds ‘evidence-based’ practice for effectiveness in service delivery within the nursing profession. Evidence based practice is therefore important to all stakeholders in the nursing profession. Its underlying advantage is the induced precision, efficiency and effectiveness that is associated with better utility (Holland and Rees, 2010, p. 7). The research problem as it relates to the chosen article The research problem is to investigate the article within the scope of a quantitative research approach. Features of qualitative research and analysis of the extent of application of the features in the article therefore form the basis for evaluation of the relationship between the research proble

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