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Character Analysis “I Stand Here ironing”

What society doesnt grasp is the difficulties it is to maintain this character in the struggles of balancing work, p atomic number 18nting, and everyday livelihood to the underprivileged though the narrator did what she could as a parent even with facing all the difficulties and predicament she came across. The bank clerk in l Stand Here Ironing lend oneselfs a heavy heart of transgression for her lack of involvement for her girl and the way she turned out, barely at the same time she knows she cant hold all the blame. L Stand here Ironing opens with the narrator creation asked to come in and call about her daughter. We are never told who is asking this, but whoever is seeking Information from the narrator believed that her daughter Emily take alp. The narrator expresses that Emily is the starting line of five children. She goes into deeply explaining Emily as The first and only one of our five that was beauteous at birth. (402) our narrator proceeds to tell us that Emil y father left them therefore languid 2 old.Due to the situation at hand our narrator had to send Emily away(predicate) to her fathers family at a young age. The ratiocination was so that she could make enough money to live a somewhat stable life and in like manner have the proper care for her daughter as she worked. Unfortunately the proper care situation wasnt as simple as one loud think. When our narrator placed Emily in a nursery give instruction she expresses to us how unfriendly the location was, but It was the only way we could be together, the only way I could hold a Job. (404) Right here is one point where we can see things arent the flummoxs fault. She wants to be with her daughter and the same time she has to work to provide for her so she has no choice but to take the opportunities that are available to her even if these opportunities are non what she prefers. When our narrator goes into having her second child Susan we learn that Emily has become mad with the fever that comes before red measles .. . (405). Emily was home alone for the week her mother was in the infirmary after giving birth to Susan.When our narrator is home again she expresses that Emily did not start to get much better she explains her as . . Skeleton thin, not wanting to eat, and night after night she had nightmares. (405) we learn that Emily calls for her mother when she has these nightmares but from being oer and to go back to bed. Finally later as she said is besides late she begins to start languid 3 hacking on Emily she hears her cried but Emily doesnt need or I theorize you could say want the affection at this point.Later we learn that a clinic talk our narrator into sending Emily away to Convalescent home (405). The clinic basically tell our narrator that she cant give Emily the proper care she need and by doing this she can focus on her new baby. When Emily is sent away they are unable to visit her for the first six weeks because the institute decides when they are able to. Once they start visiting we are taught that this place is not of the homiest places, Emily does not enjoy her ATA, and they kind of treat her as a prisoner.When Emily returns home she refuses food and affection from her mother. Emily over the years has had much neglecting which our narrator does understand, but at the same time she had little options, and was also instructed that being sent away was the best for her daughter. To wrap things up we can see pretty clearly that our Narrator did in fact love her daughter. Our narrator never intended to neglect Emily from the love and affection she deserved, but she didnt have many options to choose from.

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