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The Claim for Negligence - Law Cases Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

The Claim for Negligence - Law Cases - Essay exemplificationSue is shown the tale by her building society. On the basis of this favorable report, she buys the dramaturgy. She later discovers the dry corrupt and has to spend a good deal of money to have it rectified. c) Marianne has bought from Ann the domicil which is ten years old. When the house was built by Brick Ltd., the plans were approved by Greatshire local authority on the basis of a report of independent consulting engineers. The consultants had failed to report on a problem with the foundations. Cracks have now appeared on the kitchen w alone which collapses and go on Toms car which is standing beside it. Marianne is so worried by the state of the house that she sells it at 20,000 less than its market price. She wishes to sue Brick Ltd. I am British Law student so can you please use British English and British resources. That is a coursework in Tort uprightness it is very, very important to use relevant cases and st atues. At the moment we are using a go for Streets on Torts 12th edition by John Murphy it is also important to use this book in the coursework. As a law student, we have to argue everything all the time from both sides, it is non enough just to describe sth, there have to be arguments.The starting point in a claim for negligence is to show that there has been a faulting of a duty of care. In this exceptional situation, there are several issues to be discussed in respect of liability. It is important to note in all of the above claims that no one has been physically injured in any of the occurrences and therefore all claims lead be for pure economic loss1. In establishing who can be claimed against it is necessary to discuss the principles of negligence. Firstly it has to be shown that a duty of care was owed, that the duty of care was breached and that as a direct result of that breach harm was caused to the complainant.

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