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Discussion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Discussion - Assignment guinea pigIn this context, might exists in three phases i.e. coercive, reward, and legitimate.In the same way ply is oftentimes realised when person in the organization or military setting has knowledge or ability in a given area over the rest of the mickle. In a way, the other people cipher on such knowledge and this creates a sense of power in the person. Similarly, the ownership of valuable development in a given field is normally a direct source of power that is often exercised by many people.In most situations, it is often realized that power emanates from actions that are geared towards the five dollar bill bases of power. These include reward, coercive, legitimate, and expert and referent power. Actions in these respects are normally very important sources of power and people are often drawn into situations of influence over the rest. In any case, the extent to which somebody exercises their power and influence over the rest is normally the m ost important parameter in the context of power dynamics. Power can always be used wrongly by certain people if structures are not in place to control such power. In the same way power has always been used effectively by other people create positive

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