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Green acres seed company Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Green solid ground seed company - Assignment ExampleThis is called the awareness stage which highly target audience to be reached rather than the aim of market in the websites which the visitors do not have interest in. Through marketing of Green acres seed Company using the modern technology of marketing, the company retargets those who visit the website thereof keeping the products top of the mind. The company uses test messaging to convince the farmers about the seed company explaining the divers(prenominal) varieties of seeds available with their legal injurys.The market structures of Green acres seed Company is the marketer concentration, the degree of buyer concentration, the brands specialisation and the condition of entry to the market. The company has adopted a high seller concentration which means that the seller supply is about 90% to make it available to those who want the seeds. Due to competitors, the company has adopted a pricing strategy to make sure that the p roducts remain in the market despite competition in the market. For example green acres company has survival means in the market when there is price war, market decline or market saturation. Green acres seed Company has temporarily coiffe a price which covers the cost when the prices of the seeds tend to be low so that the company can slip by with the operation.The company provides products with low cost due to the market differentiation from the competitors, but the most important function is good and high quality seeds that have a high germination percentage. high quality products makes the client to consider green acres company products though people consider the most expensive products as high quality products (Kent 2003). Green kingdom Company usually maximizes the quantity of the product this is because the company focuses on reducing long term costs. The approach is used because the company is well funded by the founders and the investors. Green Acres Company may also max imize quantity so as to maximize market

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