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Leadership and HRM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Leadership and HRM - Essay Example Deregulation in many of the European countries have led to less collective arrangement for employees and more employee benefits at an organizational level . Most of the recognized organizations all over the globe have: (Rioux, Bernthal, Wellins,) `Best Practices` within an organization has often been linked to the Human Resource system that is being adopted by any particular organization. Human resource systems refer to the electronic tools that are used to assess and perform HR related information and functions respectively. Human resource system enables the HR staff to execute all the HR related activities such as personnel actions and job announcements. Marriot International has adopted various innovative HR practices which has earned it the reputation of â€Å"the best place to work† in the hospitality industry. Marriot`s spirit to serve has in fact guided its various HR initiatives. The company has reaped several benefits because of its employee friendly HR practices. J. William Marriot had set `The Hot Shoppe` in Washington in 1927 where hot food was served along with root bear. In 1937 Hot Shoppes ventured into airline catering services at Washington Airport. Over the next three decades Hot Shoppes diversified its business into many other service management sectors and in 1967, its name was changed to Marriott Corporation. In 1982, Marriot acquired Host International and became the largest operator of airport terminal food, beverage and merchandise facilities in the US. With the acquisition of Saga Corporation in 1986, Marriot became the largest food management company in the US. Marriot has also diversified into moderate price segments of hotels under the brand name of `Courtyard`. Today Marriot is a product of the metamorphosis that began fifteen years ago. Five major trends that can define the organisation are: Marriot has always been known for the

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