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MKTG Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 2

MKTG - Essay Example A-fib has affected about two million people in the United States. It spreads fast whereby there are uncoordinated heartbeats. This disease can lead to development of blood clots that can move to the brain and lead to stroke (Fang, 21-30). Fang (48) asserts that pradaxa should not be taken by people who bleed strangely. One should be advised more by the physician on how to take the drug if he or she is bleeding abnormally. On the other hand, people who are affected by reactions by pradaxa should not take it. A patient who wants to take pradaxa should inform the physician the following issues: the first one is if the patient has any kidney trouble, if he or she has any further medical situation, if the patient is either pregnant or breastfeeding. Research has shown that pradaxa can pass from the mother who is breastfeeding or pregnant to the child and harm the infant in one way or the other. Patients, who have bleeding complications and have been affected by ulcers of the stomach, should not use pradaxa. Prior to undertaking any dental process or surgery, a patient who is taking pradaxa should inform the surgeon or dentist. He should also inform the physician on the medicines that he is taking. This is because some medicines might increase bleeding and affect the functions of pradaxa (Fang, 61-68). It should be taken as the doctor has given prescriptions. It should not be taken more than how the patient has been told by the doctor. Pradaxa can also be taken with no food or with it. Normally, the drug is packed or given in a bottle. Fang (72) says that one should make sure that he finishes a used bottle before moving to an unused one. An opened bottle of pradaxa should be used within a period of four months. It can cause sensitive reactions to other people’s bodies. This is by either having itches or rashes, pains in the chest, tongue and face swelling and even breathing difficulties. It can lead

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