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Why is ethically correct to criticize competitors through comparative Essay

Why is ethically correct to criticize competitors through comparative advertisement - Essay Example Ever since its approval, comparative advertisements has been compared to a double edged sword in which it promotes one product whereas demotes the other. An ideal comparative advertisement provides the customers with honest and sincere information in order to compete with a product so that the consumers can make a better choice while purchasing the commodity. Various researches proved that comparative advertisements help to create awareness among consumers, hence, the less popular brands become popular and the market for the popular brands tend to decrease. Comparative advertisement is considered unethical when the comparison provides the consumer with fake information and misleads the customer on purpose. Hence unethical comparative advertisements may also result in lawful proceedings. In accordance with one court any oblique remark, any indirect proclamation or any suggestions that may mean more than one thing are considered unethical. It is also considered wrong if an advertisemen t flatters their product in comparison to other. Furthermore, any sort of name calling, insulting and finger pointing are considered wrong and should be avoided at all possible costs when indulging in comparative advertisements. To keep a check and balance on comparative advertisements and to keep it within limits various organizations in the United States such as American Association of Advertising Agencies, the National Association of Broadcasters and the FTC have issued do’s and don’ts of comparative advertisements. One such example is of NBC, which says that the companies should not discredit, disparage or attack the competitors, products or industries in an unfair way (BoveÃŒ e & Arens, 1982). A list of guidelines by The American Association of Advertising Agencies is made up of ten points which ensures that a comparative advertisement remains within the ethical boundaries. The first point

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