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OSHA Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

OSHA - Essay Example I would gain the necessary knowledge and fully understand how it applies to the business industry I am in. More so, I would, absolutely, provide the necessary training to all employees; that way everyone is on the â€Å"same page.† If everyone is clear in what is necessary, expected, and why it is important then, very likely, the business would operate efficiently, effectively, and safely. Regardless of the industry your business falls under, agricultural, construction, health care, mining or manufacturing, there are available resources for understanding and implementing the proper health and safety requirements for your business. The most important element to making certain that the necessary OSHA requirements are being met is through guaranteeing that the safety and health policies within the company are enforced Larger business, in particular may not be aware that their managers, supervisors, and employees are not following or enforcing the requirements. This can become a problem because OSHA can appear for an impromptu inspection; no prior warning is required. For this reason, I think I would be very vigilant and actively involved in making certain that all rules and procedures are being followed. Also, although I am not a fan of a â€Å"snitch mentality† among the workers, I would make certain that there were safe and anonymous way for anyone who witnesses serious negligence in regards to safety or its policies; the anonymity will prevent fear of retaliation and give the business the opportunity to step into the situation and fix the problems. I think that if I provide the training, lead by example, and follow all procedures then the business I am responsible for will remain OSHA friendly. OSHA is an organization filled with the research, hard work, and effort of thousands of Safety Professionals.("Industry-Specific Resource: OSHA" 1) The safety professions, in simplest terms, are those

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