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Applying to Northern Ontario School of Medicine Essay

Applying to Northern Ontario School of Medicine - Essay Example 2. How have your academic, work and life experiences prepared you for being a student at Northern Ontario School of Medicine and for studying and working in rural, remote and/or northern urban communities? I was born in Ghana, an under-developed country where majority of the population live in poverty. People had little to no access to resources such as good schools, libraries, computers, tutoring, and activities pertinent to health care. My family migrated to Toronto in 1994 when I was 13. Being a minority my parents had to settle for low income jobs. As the oldest child, I was compelled to work odd jobs to contribute to the household earnings while in high school. We were forced to live in ‘ghettos and remote areas,’ with very poor housing and health care services. Many of my peers dropped out of high school, became pregnant and some turned to selling drugs. While growing up, and to some extent today, I lack the basic resources needed to develop academically and profes sionally. Despite all of this, I acclimatized very well into my environment and have been successful in my educational choices. The hardships that I have overcome have only made me a better person and I would not be here today if it were not the same. With my diverse background I believe I am ready to study and to work at rural communities where I could give back in some way.4. List activities and interests outside academic and work environments not detailed elsewhere in the application.

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