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Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 47

Personal Statement Example This was a trial for me on whether I could handle the PA career and most of all whether it was really what I wanted to do when I grew up. As a medical assistant, I got to perform services that a PA performs under direct supervision from the medical doctors I was working for and this got me really interested in this line of work. I had the opportunity to carry out what I had grown to love which was to help people and make them feel better as well as putting smiles on their faces even though they were physically unwell. I became a volunteer at the American Red Cross as well as at the Veteran’s Foundation after my job. This was propelled by the suffering I had witnessed in Iraq as well as it was another experience for me to be a PA. Being a volunteer meant I now had an opportunity to assist people through providing therapeutic and preventive services no matter how minimal an impact I made. The satisfaction from seeing the smile on people’s faces who had been suffering health wise before made me go to bed happy and satisfied which was a rare occurrence for me. My final journey towards making the decision and following my passion came when my mother had to undergo an open heart surgery. There was a team of physical assistants on the table with the doctor assisting him with everything and this sealed the deal for me. I was determined more than ever to join this career and fulfill my dreams and seeking admission into this program is the deal breaker. I would like to specialize and focus primarily on urgent care as I will be handling people without primary care physicians or those who are too scared to visit emergency rooms but they would still like remedies for their injuries or illnesses that are not too serious. This line of specialization is appealing because it is what I have learnt and gained experience on from volunteering at the Red Cross. Being granted this

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