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Ecology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Ecology - Essay Example Poor and rich nations both have impacts over the other income range also but the poor nations only affect about a third of the shock as related to the rich nations. 1. To see maps of the pattern of acid rain deposition in parts of Europe and in the U.S., respectively, read the articles, Acid Rain (noting the map in the section "How Big a Problem Is It") and What Is Acid Rain A. The most advanced region in terms of environmental control has the lowest amount of acid rain deposition and the direction of the wind also plays an important part in determining the natural balance of gases in a country's atmosphere. Although global warming is a universal problem, U.S. and UK has much more control over it because there industrial areas are situated in specific regions and they have the power to reduce their acid rain causing agents. A. China's ennvironmental capacity for the pollutants of coal burning have far exceeded the safe level. Hence, the countires having problems due to China's coal burning can exceed to as far as Japan, Philipines as sulfur dioxide, a major acid rain causing pollutant, has the capability to travel far distances before settling into the earth.

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