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Recent research (Kornberger et al, 2010) suggests that despite a Essay

Recent research (Kornberger et al, 2010) suggests that despite a number of initiatives, the proportion of women accountants reac - Essay Example Nonetheless, despite the presence of many women one perceives one of the most glaring contradictions of the contemporary period – as women outnumber men in the universities and continuously demonstrate their abilities and skills in undertaking productive labour, extremely few women have made it in the higher echelon of management (Baron & Newman, 1980; Castilla, 2008; Reskin, 1988; Valian, 1998). Although this truism is manifested in, almost all segments of the labour sector, its actuality is clear and evident in the profession of accounting. In a study, Kornberger, Carter and Ross-Smith (2010) have found out that despite a number of initiatives in removing the underrepresentation of women accountants in the upper strata of firms, the proportion of women accountants reaching partner level remains much lower than other levels in the firm. Recognising the prevalence of discrimination in the profession of accounting (Gherardi & Pogio, 2007; Kornberger et al., 2010; Lehmann, 1992) , this study will evaluate the various factors deemed to impede the advancement of women accountants and minority groups. ... The first part is the introduction wherein the issue of the research, purpose of the study, the significance of the research, the methodology use in the study, the structure of the paper and the hope of the researcher are laid down. The next part will deal with the barriers that inhibit women’s progress in the accounting profession, while in the third segment; possible solutions will be proffered to address the issue. Finally, the fourth section will be the conclusion of the study. In the end, it is the hope of the researcher that this study may contribute to the clarification of the issues raised in the research and, in a way, offer workable solutions to gender inequality in the profession of accounting. The Alienating Factors Accounting as a profession responds to the challenges posed by the global society (Shafer, Ketchand & Morris, 2004). The responses are not limited only in coming up with conceptual frameworks that will further empower the clients and the public, especia lly after the global economic downturn. It also includes the endeavour of connecting the theoretical frameworks of accounting with reality, thus addressing not only the fundamental epistemological and methodological issues of the field but also its socio-political and economic concerns (Brewster, 2003; Nelson, 1995; Shafer, Ketchand & Morris, 2004). This thrust is significant as it counters the notion that accounting is neutral, objective and that its service is primarily to the client only (Carter, Clegg & Kornberger, 2010). It is in the context of change and challenges that the alienating factors hindering the advancement of women in the profession is highlighted (Gallhofer, 1998). Women’s struggle for emancipation is long and arduous (Firestone, 1972; Tong,

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