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School Construction: Wrong Decision :: Personal Narrative Argumentative Papers

School Construction: Wrong Decision My only ‘normal’ year of high school was my freshman year. I don’t know if any part of high school is normal, but the last three years for me were miserable. Those years were full of construction. Greeneville High School was built in 1950 and was in serious need of help. The town had to make a decision on what they wanted. They weren’t sure whether to build a brand new school in a new location or remodel and expand right where it is. They chose to rebuild and expand. That meant my last years there would be one big headache. I’m not saying the decision to leave the school in its existing location was wrong, but I do believe that no one really took into consideration the hassle it would cause. At the beginning of freshman year, the school system sent out surveys asking the parents what they thought of fixing up the school. Everyone in my town knew that something needed to be done years ago. I was surprised the building hadn’t collapsed already. You sat in class and looked outside through the cracks in the walls. Most of the town wanted to build a new school at a new site. It would help ease the overcrowding and parking conditions. They could build on at another location with no problem, as it became needed. That dream was shot down when the announcement came that the school would remain where it is. What happened? The two men that would pour money into the new school got to decide where the school went. (the men are not being named so no one is offended that may know them) They were afraid if the school moved from its existing site, the downtown area would lose money. These two men got to decide everything without considering the repercussion s. So with this decision, my high school years were forever changed.

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