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Audience Analysis and Adaptation Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Audience Analysis and Adaptation - Assignment Example However, Mrs Bush shares her experience of coming to Wellesley 10 years back. She identifies with the students by describing how she was struck by the natural beauty of the campus and then tells a story about Wellesley students where she stresses on the spirit of the college. This way she relates with the students. She very wisely talks about human connections and their importance in our lives. She addresses the concerns of the audience by speaking about the success of a family and loving children. Mrs Bush says that she wishes the winner of the annual hoop race to realize her own dreams – not society’s dream – and not just be the first to get married or the first to become a CEO. By speaking in their interest and addressing the issues related to their lives, she defuses the hostility they held against her. If Mrs Bush would have been delivering the speech at some other higher education institute, she would have probably not have stressed too much about her personal life. She would have interacted more with the students so as to relate with them. Infact, she would have highlighted the achievements of the institute and spoken about how she would have loved to be a part of the institute. She would have spoken more about the issues related to nation and society so as to draw their

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