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SEE ATTACHMENT4L Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

SEE ATTACHMENT4L - Essay Example Finally, conflicts with a friend is best resolved using analytical skills to determine the root of the problem, and to eventually compromise, on the basis of the terms agreed upon. What are the barriers to win - win solutions? Win-win solutions mean that the terms and conditions are agreeable and amenable on both parties. The barrier to this type of solution therefore is finding a middle ground which would enable both parties to compromise on an agreement. How do you agree to disagree with someone? Agreeing to disagree with someone entails cognitive skills that would have enabled one to assess the source of conflict on issues being discussed. When the argument being asserted does not conform to one’s believes, values, and preferences, then; it is best to disagree with the contentions of the other party. Where they effective in resolution? Some of the avoidance tactics, such as deferring the discussion of the issue to future dates is effective, only in terms of preventing exacerbating the conflicting situation. When anger or emotional intensity have subsided, then, both parties could try to resolve the issue using other conflict resolution strategies, such as problem-solving, or compromising, as

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