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How meaning will be checked Pronunciation features to be highlighted Cross the gender gap at work. -To change to a Job that is not traditionally done by someone of your gender or sex. Ignore the prejudice – To take no notice of unreasonable opinions against you Sexism. – When someone is treated unfairly because of their sex or gender. The Equal Opportunities Commission. – A government agency that fghts sexism and prejudice in the workplace. Plumber – A person whose Job is to fix water pipes, baths, toilets, etc. Noun phrase Noun collocation Noun CCQSWhat do we call it when we change to a Job which is not traditional for someone of your sex or gender? ccqs When someone has an unfair opinion of you because of your race, sex or background, what do we call that? Prejudice What's another word we use when we want to say that we dont take notice of something? To not pay attention to something or someone? Ignore. What do we call it someone is treated unfairly or b adly because of their sex? Sexism Prompts Does anyone know who the Equal Opportunities Commission is? It's a government agency that fghts sexism and prejudice in the workplace. Picture and CCQs What is this person doing?What is this person called? /kros ¶ac†°endag ¦p/ weak form in Ida/ Isekslzlm/ /plAma/ Timing/ Int When? Who? What? Stage Aim: Why? Procedure: How? 5 mins -ros ss Lead – In To set the context for the lesson For students to practice speaking T gives short talk about Jobs she has done in the past T instructs students: answer these questions about these Jobs. Handout activity 1 Ss work, T monitors Peer check T instructs: Check with your partners, discuss and explain your answers with each other. OCFB via nomination To present lexis students may find difficult in the listening text Cross the gender gap t work.Elicited via CCQS Elicited Vis ccqs Sexism The Equal Opportunities Commission Prompts: Elicited via photo 3 mins TOS Gist Reading For students to get an overall understanding of the text by practicing reading for gist Handout first article. T instructs: Read this article quickly and answer the question: â€Å"Does anything surprise you about this article? † Peer check: Quickly compare and discuss with your partners OCFB via nomination. 10 mins Reading for specific information For the students to practice reading for specific details Task a: Split class in half: GROUP A (Pink): Read about Jenny.GROUP B (Blue): Read about Alex. T instructs: Answer these questions about your person. Ss work, T monitors. T instructs: GROUP A find someone in GROUP B, compare your answers. Read your partner's text. Answer key at the back. 12 mins Communicative Follow Up For students to practice speaking in response to the text. T asks: What do you think? Write questions on WB. Answer these questions and discuss in groups of threes. One student leads the discussion, another student prepare to summarize what the group said for the class. Ss discu ss,

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