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Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies Essay - 2

Corporate Responsibility and Marketing Strategies - Essay Example Its marketing strategy is decent but there is room for improvement. Even so, its reputation has been hurt because of violation of not only its code of conduct but also other laws (Klein 2011). This has been detrimental, but Apple is trying its best to make right the situation. Apple Corporation has a code of conduct that sets out its suppliers’ ethical and social responsibility. On its website, it outlines that suppliers ought to treat workers in an ethical manner and fairly at all times. In addition, each worker has the right to healthy and safe work area, it integrates environmental responsibility into its processes and products, and that it goes deep into the supply chain in order to enforce its standards and solve problems (Apple Inc., 2014). Despite having a code of conduct, Apple has not met these responsibilities effectively. For instance, Kaiser (2012), reports that Foxconn, the main supplier of Apple located in China, subjects employees to long working hours, they are paid peanuts and work in conditions that are unsafe, all for the mere reason of prompt assembling of iPods, iPhones and iPads. Additionally, the supplier also releases its waste into sewages, a contravention to its environmental responsibility. These violations have been detr imental to Apple, especially with the lack of an elucidation. Publication of the violations against ethical and social responsibilities occasioned by Apple’s suppliers has been detrimental. After hiring an external organization to conduct an investigation into the allegedly forceful overtime, destitute working conditions, and child labor in its suppliers in the Chinese market, the investigation confirmed the allegations and they were included in the company’s annual reports. Besides, the New York Times released a report after investigating the company and finding that its American workers

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