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Burberry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Burberry - Essay Example The presentation then focuses on the ‘soft strategies’. The company has initiated many new technology led measures to interact with their customers. This part of the presentation deals with Customer Relationship Management. Burberry hosts a fully choreographed live webcast. Emails are used. Internal website is used to ensure that internal customers are fully away of runway shows, editorial coverage and new store events. Travelling road shows are organized. Round table conferences are conducted with senior managers around the world. The company is dedicated on building an excellent brand image. She says that they want to be known as a brand that is simply great. For this purpose Burberry recruits likeminded people. Its employees are its customers also who buy their company’s products and love them intensely. The presentation then moves towards CRM again. The company has its own social media website. Burberry is followed by two million people on Facebook. There are live stream shows around the world. The highlight of CRM is organizing 25 events around the world and using a new Ipad based purchasing technology. Headquarter of Burberry is also state –of-the-art. The presentation then finishes by Angela saying that it is only 4 years since she and her team started their work and so ‘it is still early

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