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AOL Project GSB Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

AOL Project GSB - Essay ExampleThe CEO Sally Smith, a mother of two, is a graduate of the University of North Dakota and holds BSc in Accounting and business administration. She held the position of chief financial officer at Dahlberg Inc. for 11 years before she was hired by BWLD in 1994 as a CFO and promoted to CEO in 1996. The strategies that Buffalo Wild Wings put forward in 2013 accomplished its goals to remain a high-growth, category-leading concept. It has significantly funded new strategic plans, invests in growth and imperatively distributed its earnings to shareholders. Its gross margin over the period 2013 was 27.0% and the operating margin was 9.6%, percentages that are higher up industry average. The keep companys net margin stood at 6.5%. The company is fuelling its growth by increasing demand for its products and services. BWLDs gross margin is inching upward implying that the company is continuously beating competitors and acquiring domination in the restaurant ind ustry. The company continues expanding through mergers and acquisitions and the dividends and its payout ratio upsurge. The risks and uncertainties involved in investing in the company are highlighted to caution investors against potential market failures and impending indecisions. The stock price increased by 52% and the company provided substantial value to its shareholders with a EPS $3.80, DEPS of $3.79. receipts increased and was used to offer a salary increment to its directors. Apparently, its impressive stock performance acted as a momentous factor that fascinated investors.The 10k annual report reveals that the latest earnings that enable it to actively acquire a chain of restaurants that are small to reduce the acquisition cost. The buffalo wild move company is in a position and determined to expand its base to targeted North American. This started as a result of

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