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School Food Programs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

School Food Programs - Essay ExampleAs the report declares inadequate nourishment supply can be addressed through the subsidizing of the food supply and ensuring that the institution gets into a contract with other nongovernmental organization that can be willing to deliver food on a low-cost basis. Fruits and vegetable consumption rates are low therefore a concrete solution to this problem need to be addressed. This is through the subsidizing of the cost of fresh fruits and vegetables. to boot the most important solution would be sensitizing the school kids on the health benefits that fruits and vegetable consumption has to the body. Fruits and vegetables are a very good base of vitamins that are very good for the growth of kids. From the essay it is clear the long-term health impact of canned foods such genus Cancer should be highlighted to the kids. The high cancer cases can be blamed on these processed and canned foods. Therefore, such campaigns can be very effective in deterr ing canned food consumption. homework contests are a very good guidance of inspiring kids to acquire a passion in cooking which can deter them from getting the impel to consume junk foods. The poor income that has resulted from food sales can be addressed through promotion and use of free samples as a way of attracting customers. The local authorities would be required to subsidies the farm inputs so that the farming cost is subsidized this will ensure that the small-scale farmers have the ability to extensively farm.

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