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Meeting at airport :: English Literature

Meeting at airportAli had just driven through the rush hour traffic of London with hismother. He had arrived several hours preferably than necessary for thearrival of his wifes return flight from India. His wife and son hadbeen on holiday in India.He knew he had a span of hours before his wife arrived. He had beenmarried for two years. His wife was born in India. He had gone toIndia after completing his studies. He travelled to India with hisparents to overturn relatives, and to have a holiday before he startedhis new job. While he was on holiday, he made many boosters.It was while staying with his grandparents that he met his forthcomingwife. His wife was the daughter of one of his neighbours. He was inIndia for only two months and within two months he had met, someonewith whom he wanted to marry.During his walk approximately the arrivals area, he bumped into Ali a friendfrom his school who he had not seen for many years. Ali said toSanjayHello, how are you, I havent seen you for ages Sanjayreplied, Its you Ali, my old friend we have a lot of catching up todo. Ali said I have been married for a couple of years and I am postponement for my wife and son to return from India. Sanjay replied, Iam waiting for my second wife to return from India, her job involves alot of travelling. Sanjay continued, Weve recently been allowed toadopt a child by the local authority. Ali was surprised that Sanjayhad been previously married.Sanjay said, I was married to my first wife for about a year beforewe separated Sanjay continued, I wanted my wife to stay at home, andfor us to start a family, my wife didnt want to stay at home, shewanted to continue with her career. Sanjay continued, I believe thata womans place is in the home and it is important for her to lookafter the house and the children after these responsibilities she canpursue a career.Ali said, I dont completely agree as the maintenance of the houseand children nowadays are a joint responsibility between keep up andWife. Alis eye caught the flight arrivals board, which indicatedthat their flight had landed.Ali told Sanjay that their flight had arrived.Sanjay said, I expect my wife to leave her job when she becomespregnant. Sanjay continued, I wouldnt want her to work once more untilour child was at least three years old, and starting nursery.Ali said Goodbye

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