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Business Process Management (Course work) Essay

Business Process Management (Course work) - Essay ExampleReview the recommendations made in the reports toward changes The report for the investigation commission had made numerous recommendations, which would help the NHS trust develop split strategies, which would drive cognitive process management in a positive direction. First, the commissions board suggested that the trust had the engagement of implementing better strategies that would help oversee quality management standards as well as security in the health business organisation sector. Training for staff too was among the first agendas, bearing in mind that failure in the two hospitals had been attributed to untrained staff working for patients. It did not also forget to address on the issue of staff numbers and the capacity of those that are employed. The trusts board had to develop criteria for all staff employment (Care quality commission report, 2010). On the other hand, it was deemed crucial that the trust develop appropriate CRM strategies that would provide room for hospitals and other stakeholders to be keen on complaints by patients. Responsibility for the poor standards of care provided by the hospital The poor performance at the hospital was attributed employment of the untrained employees, inadequate government policies that were blindly followed by employees as well as lack of accountability by employees. I attribute the poor performance to the hospital management majorly, due to poor performance management systems. It is evident that deaths occurred rampantly, complaints were adversely brought by clients, but they could not consider any situation. More over, having realized that the Mid-Staffordshire NHS was not having appropriate operations management, they had a chance to replace it with another, which could provide better services. On the hand, the trust was adversely wrong, in not being considerate about the type of workers they employ within hospitals. How can untrained nurses and junior doctors be left to handle the patients alone? This was a critical condition that needed a quick address (Jeston and Nelis, 2006). Managements key performance indicators (KPIs) writ of execution indicators are said to have been so profound by the CEO, and were displeasing to all patients and the community around. First, presence of untrained staff working for patients in the hospital was quite amazing. Secondly, the situation was marked by unlistened to numerous complaints from the patients who addressed on poor treatment. More over, numerous massive deaths were experienced in the hospital in a day, which are attributed to poor handling of patients. Switching off the heart monitors was a fatal case, since this hindered the emergency patients from receiving the required treatment and ended up dying. The endow staffs were also few in numbers, which meant that they were overburdened with work, a factor that exposed them to poor performance. Organisation of performance measu rements The management should have effectively organized their performance measu

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