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Islam as a Way of Life in Britain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Islam as a Way of Life in Britain - Essay ExampleThe recent terrorist attacks pass water even more made them gundued and separated from other communities living in Britain. So an Islamic persons life has to follow more of a execrable path in the current scenario and some of it is being analyzed here. The research is aimed at portraying the pathos and future prospects of the Muslims in Britain. The research provides a skeleton history of the religion development of the religion in Britain acceptance of British and effects and aftermaths of 7/11 terrorist attacks the hatred among the British and the role of media and government in fuelling it is described. Finally, the research concludes providing view into the future prospects for Muslims in Britain.Islam emphasizes the unity of idol. The religion of Islam imparts idol free worship. The number of people following Islam is increasing. Around 1.5 billion Muslims are believed to follow in this world. People who follow Islam are kno wn as Muslims. They have their own beliefs and follow Quran and the messengers of god. Prophets are also treated as servants of god. The expose Islam is not derived from the name of a person, like other religions. This religion worships Allah and does not worship any other person separately. Allah is believed to be the creator who has created the other things.The main concept of Islam is to be kind towards every tender-hearted and to be compassionate. Islam was found in the 7th century. Islam has its origin in Arabia. Most of the Muslims reside in the Asia. Muslims exit to countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh. Now they have been moving to almost all the countries and thereof considered as the religion that is growing on a fast pace. Islam preaches every human is equal. They are firm that no human should be discriminated. (Joel & Soper 2005)The Holy book Quran encompasses several aspects of human life. It expects one to have the knowledge and must take note a cordial relationshi p with fellow beings. As oneness is the mission of Islam, any Muslim is not afraid of any superstitions because they believe Allah is universal and thus he will exist at any place. There are five principles that every Muslim should follow. The first principle says having faith in God and the messengers are the main pillar of Islam. Prayers have to be done daily at five times, which is the second principle. Third law states they should observe fasting for a month, that month is known as Ramadan. Fourth principle emphasizes on helping the poor and the needy. The last pillar explains that a Muslim must go on a pilgrimage trip to Mecca, which is considered to be the Holy place. (Joel & Soper 2005)Quran is considered as Gods revelation. The meaning of Islam is obeying any person following Islam must obey the principles and abide by them. Islamic policies decide how a Muslim should lead his life and the culture that has to be followed. Islam consists major categories namely, Sunny, Shiite . Mohammeds demise lead to this separation as two sub sects. The differences were regarding the leaders who they trust. People from Sunni believe God is related with each and every individual. Shiites think there are separate clerics who impart the will of God. Development of Islam in BritainIslam had spread world while from the time of its existence. During the 8th century, Muslims had problems with the Isles of Britain. After this many people from Britain started travelling through the Islamic

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