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Ebay Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ebay Strategy - Essay ExampleAs the report declares eBay operates the leading online auction community on the Internet. second , the second strength is intellectual property .eBays intellectual property such as its trademarks, copyrights, patents and domain names will help to give the order a competitive advantage over its rivals in the market place. Then , Brand is one of the key strengths of eBay.The strength of the eBay brand name is increasing. The brand is now becoming more mainstream, as it benefits from an increase in both brand awareness and brand recognition. In addition , Double-digit growth in sales has been seen in a number of the companys eight core product categories. Pay chum salmon is one of the most successful strategies for eBay.The acquisition of Pay Pal has helped the company to enhance the experience of customers using eBay.This has had a knock on effect and helped to boost the satisfaction of customers using eBay. Perhaps one of eBays biggest strengths is its vexation model. The companys business model means that eBay has no inventory and low capital requirements. This paper stresses that there are also some weaknesses of eBay schema .The first is advertising revenues. Although advertising revenue only represents a small proportion of revenues, it is an area where eBay should be looking to exploit in order to move over greater revenues for the company as a whole. The second one is technology development. eBay still needs to improve a number of areas of its website in order to try increased sales in the future.

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