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Analysis and Application_Unit 5 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Analysis and Application_Unit 5 - Essay ExampleThe method has little freedom for flexibility because of the fixed question order. Thus, individuals may feel that the responses they have given do not fit any(prenominal) of the selected answers (Oatey, 1999).Close-ended questions argon types of questions that limit the answers of the respondents to the survey. The participants are permitted to select from a pre-existing collection of dichotomous answers, (such as confessedly/false or yes/no), or ranking scale response choices or multiple choice with options for other to be completed. On the other hand, open-ended questions are forms of questions that do not offer the respondents answers to select from, exclusively instead, the questions are phrased such that the respondents are motivated to elaborate their reactions and answers to the questions with a paragraph or a fate depending on the survey (Colorado State University, 2012). In this survey, close-ended questions were used, an d they included questions such as Does your (mother) (father) know who you are with when you are away from home? The response categories were usually, sometimes, or never (3, 2, 1, respectively) (Jou, Levine, and Singer, 1993).The survey results offered a mixed support for the surmisal made for the interactive impacts of heavy metal preference. Most of the hypotheses made in the survey were supported, and it was only in one hypothesis that support was little. The researchers found little support for their subcultural hypothesis. This indicates that the methods and approaches used in the survey were validated (Jou, Levine, and Singer, 1993).The questions concerning parental attachment and control were effective. This is because they gave information concerning the link between delinquency, and parental control and attachment. For instance, it was found that the rate of delinquency decreased where there was more control that is parental. However, concerning

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