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The Wedding Story Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The wedlock Story - Essay Example entailment of the use of Simile in Literature IV. Conclusion V. References The Use of Simile in Julianne Homokays The espousal Story A literary whirl is a technique that the author uses for a given literary purpose (Niazi & Gautam, 2010). Literary devices can be any form of method or procedure that the writer/artist uses to express ideas through language, and produce a desired effect on the reader/audience. Examples of third estate literary devices used ar Allegory, Analogy, Climax, Foreshadowing, Hyperbole, Metaphor, and Simile. As in any piece of good literature, Julianne Homokays The Wedding Story is also filled with literary devices that make the drama come to life. Homokay used a consider of different literary devices to make the drama a comedic take on criticizing the conventional pictures that men and women are pictured as, especially in the confines of marriage. Thus, The Wedding Story may be considered as a farce, because it is a come dy in which the plot took an unfortunate, almost exaggerated twist. One particular literary device used repeatedly in the drama is Simile. Simile is a literary device known as a figure of speech, which makes a comparison between two dissimilar objects using as, like, or as though (Bertens, 2008). Since fables are essentially a group of descriptive words, they are able to paint a clearer picture in our minds as opposed to when they are left out in a text. Since the material object used in the text may be an abstract one, using simile to equalise it to a more concrete and visually engaging object gives the reader a chance to require a more vivid picture of the scenario in his or her mind. Simile, as a figure of speech, is in truth similar to metaphor, except that comparisons are made without the use of as, like, or as though. In The Wedding Story, simile was used in the dialogue to emphasize particular points. The narrator, who may be considered as the protagonist in the story, re ads from his book and talks of a muliebrity, pretty as a day in June. This comparison paints the woman in the minds of the reader as someone who is young, fresh, and vibrant, comparable to the vibrance of Junes summer. Of course, the bride and groom (who may be tagged as the antagonists of the drama), clarifies that the bride bears no resemblance to a pretty day in June because she was a middle fourth-year woman who had to get married for convenience. The bride C. How did the use of Simile as a literary device rear to the drama VI. Significance of the use of Simile in Literature VII. Conclusion VIII. References A prominent literary device used in the drama was

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