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Peer Evaluations of Presentation Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Peer Evaluations of Presentation - Essay ExampleIbid.Though it has created a oppose impact on the teachers and school administrators, such impact has somehow helped in substantiating the point be highlighted in the presentation the concept of duty (i.e. the duty of the teachers and school administrators to maintain the safety of their students). From the presentation, we find These teachers decidedly had an obligation to help protect all of the students in the school and In the situation with Phoebe Prince, it is drear to see that the very people and institution that teach us right from wrong, encourage us to cover up for our safety and the safety of others, failed to protect this taunted teen. Such statements, though negatively presented, further clarified the thesis statement Teachers and school administrators have a duty to maintain the safety of their students.On one hand, another(prenominal) highlight in the presentation was the testimony I even took an ethics and law clas s in college specifically for teachers. We were made well aware that it was our duty to report bullying and to deal with it in an arrogate manner. More affirmative, this statement gives a balance, as it were, to further justify the thesis

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