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Group work is very essential in organisations for improving Essay

Group work is genuinely essential in organisations for improving organisational effectiveness and competitive advantage - Essay ExampleMost theorists pass judgment the failure of group work to poor interpersonal relationships leading to lack of cohesion which is essential in any team. Interpersonal relations are needed in decision making, resolving conflicts, task assignments and new(prenominal) processes. The purpose of this work is to reflect upon my own group work give birth by concentrate oning on the interpersonal relationships that existed in the group and their impact on the group effectiveness. I provide then draw the implications of analysis of my experience for the effective care of people within organisations. Table of Contents Abstract1 List of Tables.2 List of Figures2 1.0 penetration..3 2.0 Stages of Group Development..4 2.1 Forming.5 2.2 Storming6 2.3 Norming.7 2.4 Performing.7 2.5 Adjourning.8 3.0 Approaches to Interpersonal Relationships8 4.0 Interrelationsh ip and Team Effectiveness..11 5.0 Conclusion..14 References15 List of Tables 3.1 Meredith Belbin 1993 Team Roles for Successful Teams9 4.1 The spectacular Five Trait Model..11 List of Figures Figure 1 Five Stages of Group Development...5 1.0 Introduction The purpose of our group assignment was to research and critically analyse the approaches to organisation structure, culture and approach to management/ leadership style of an organisation, in this case, British Airways. The group comprising of six individuals of the same age and culture was to postulate and analyse data from the organisation so as to demonstrate our research ability as salubrious as critical thinking ability. Based on this analysis, I will discuss one panorama of my experience in the group work and its implication in effective management of people in organisations. The aspect to be analysed involves interpersonal relationships and team effectiveness. I will start by explaining how my group substantial and what I experienced during this period. I will enumerate the positive as well as the electronegative aspects of the experience and the role I played during this group life-cycle or stages. This will enable me to learn from experience and also use what I have learnt to other situations or organisation to contribute to its effectiveness. I will discuss group effectiveness and especially the role played by interpersonal relationships. This is an area on interest since most studies do not reveal how personality types contribute to the effectiveness of the team. Most theorists focus on input-process-output and forget this important aspect. To achieve this, the essay will be divided into four sections. The outset section

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