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Build Environment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Build Environment - appointment ExampleSince there is no open space on both sides of the mental synthesis, the structure can be insulated, steed aided, glass tinted with base insulators. stigma can be chosen for this building alongside timber and cover work. Steel doesnt rust fast it is immune to creatures such as insects and termites, therefore, there less need for insecticides and pesticides. Steel is not combustible, and we can safely say that it is fireproof.Steel can withstand natural turbulence such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tornadoes. It has much earthing protection from lightning strikes. There would be less fear of the load objective in placing interior walls because leaf blade allows greater design in flexibility. In modern structures, the combination of steel and timber is a good choice. Steel framed buildings with glass panels and wood or timber would bugger off a good combination to the conditions sited. Light framed structures of aluminium, steel and large g lass panels are to be considered in this structure. Insulating concrete with the use of foam forms filled with concrete and structural insulated, foam panels faced with oriented strand board or (a good alternative) fibre cement, can both be used, as well(p) as light gauge steel framing and the more detailed heavy-gauge steel framing. Because of its location, brick and block reflexion could be an option. Large glass panels are best for the front and rear side of the structure. Naturally dye wood panels or danarra plywood is a good physical for the woodworks of the building. Wood is a light material and it adds beauty when properly set. Aside from the use of the building for hotel and office spaces the location is most likely to be very suitable for mercenary purposes. The ground floor of the building can be converted into commercial spaces. The office spaces can occupy the second floor up to the 10th floor. The hotel rooms would be on the 11th floor and up. A fire escape is to be located at the both ends of the building aside from a stairs that is to be build inside the building. The design of the stairs is one that goes around the elevator which is to be situated in the middle of the building. The front and back of the building will be covered with large glass panels. A separate comfort room for the male and female users are to be installed in every storey of the building.In providing a development of Fire Management system for the building, a step by step guide to follow is recommended to help oneself them to comply with the fates of Regulatory mitigate (Fire Safety) Order 2005. A fire safety strategy is needed to give satisfaction to the functional requirement of the building. The fire safety measures must have the adequacy of means to prevent fire. There must be early warnings by automatic detection. The standard means of escape must be provided. There is as well the provision for smoke control and control of rate of fire growth. The standard of active measures for fire extinguishment and control, the facilities to assist the fire service, training of staff in fire safety and fire routines, the continued control under other legislation to maintain and test fires safety measures and management of fire safety are considered. In understanding the nature of service installations from the builders perspective, the importance of building services must be identified unneurotic with the methods used for fire protection. The (building regulations 2000), Approved Document B is the guidance on how to meet the

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