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Balancing College Studies with Work and Family Demands Essay - 1

Balancing College Studies with Work and Family Demands - Essay ExampleI also withstand to attend family gatherings during the weekends and holidays. On the other hand, in college, my lecturers expect me to study hard, do assignments and progress to exams to show that I appreciate my learning process. I also have to take part in co-curriculum activities such as athletics, music and theatre ensembles, pupil government and language clubs all these are adapt towards enhancing out-of-class experience. However, at times, I force out become exhausted and unmotivated because of the amount of workload that I have to attend to, both at alkali and in college. As much as the college administration wants the students to counsel of their studies, they also test that co-curriculum activities are equally important. Moreover, for that reason, my class timetable includes a co-curricular session in which a student has to participate in at least one mandatory co-curriculum activity this is accor ding to college policies. In about circumstances, this turns out to be stressful in that I might be having assignments that I am supposititious to complete, but taking part in the co-curricular activity eats up my time, and as a result, I do non meet the deadline for the assignment, as I am forced to carry the assignment home. withal so, again, the failure of meeting an assignment deadline cannot be tolerated by my professor and this increases my stress level. At home, my parents expect my siblings, and I to perform certain chores according to a duty roster that they have created. The duty roster is to be followed regardless of whether I have college assignment or not, and when it is my duty it becomes very stressful since I am expected to accomplish my duties at home and finish my college assignment at the same time. after finishing my home chores at night, I retire to my room with the college assignment in my mind. By this time, I am so exhausted in the sense that I cannot fu lly concentrate on what I am suppositious to focus on in order to complete my assignment with a standard that can attract a high grade. The only thing that I can do automatically without each difficulty is sleeping. I wake up the following day at 6 AM with stress when I remember I did not complete the assignment, which I am supposed to turn in by 8 AM. I conclude that time counselling is my biggest problem since I am not able to balance my college work and family demands because they conflict with one another. I understand that as a student, maintaining intellectual health is very important, and this is achieved through a good time management. A good time management helps in balancing college studies with work and family demands. My stress level had increased because I was overwhelmed with both tasks at home and assignments in college. Time management will help me in dealing with this problem in that I will dedicate a specific time to handle one particular issue. All in all the objective of embarking on time management is to make certain that I finish my assignments in college and tasks at home on time. I realize that my stress starts when two activities that I am supposed to engage in conflict with each other. The conflict comes when I do not finish a task within the stipulated timeframe, and thus it hijacks the time that I am supposed to dedicate to the second activity. After a careful deliberation, I have decided that I will discuss with my parents the issue of my revolutionary schedule. The discussion will entailed creating a new duty roster,

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