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A Dolls House Essay -- A Dolls House Essays

A Doll House experimentIbsen said that his mission in life was to Inspire individuals tofreedom and license which was shown throughout the play A DollHouse. Since he wrote modern theatre, the characters were authentic andaudiences could relate to them. He particularly questioned the roleof men and women during his time. Ibsen used A Doll House to motivatewomen so they would seek more designer and freedom in theirrelationships. Audiences could then look up to characters such asNora and Mrs Linde whom were independent, some what ahead of theirtimes. Ibsens purpose was to not only to enlighten women of theirunfair status but also to direct the men take women are muchsmarter than what they think. His goal was to change these attitudesof all humans so equality could be reached.By 1878-79, when A Doll House was written, womens rights had become aburning issue. People such as arse Stuart Mill who wrote TheSubjection of Women (1869) were one of the first to raise these issuesand coul d be seen as an early feminist. They raised question as towhether the female role was fair. in the lead then, women were verysubmissive and had little opportunities. They were unable to have a course and were expected to do household duties and take care of thechildren. Men were the dominating ones but the women knew nodifferent. For the few who could see this inequality, they were seenas unfeminine as they were thinking for themselves, which issomething only a man would do. Ibsen would be on their sides andtested to express that it was all right, through his characters. Noraplays upon her innocence and helplessness at the counterbalance to achievethings, being the typical stereotype of women in this time. Oh,please,... ... stand up for themselves. They were unlikethe stereotype in which women were made into and took responsibilityfor their actions. The play would make people think and discuss theseroles of men and women and even question the set of society. Ibsenhoped he would make women realise they deserve a choice as to whetherthey want to marry and to be equal with men.BibliographyMills, John Stuart 1860, The Subjection of Women, Prometheus Books, wise YorkIbsen- womans rights 2005http//www.unesco.org/webworld/mdm/2001/fr/ibsen/form.hypertext markup language, 24/04/05A Doll House- Ibsen 2005http//www.novelguide.com/ADollsHouse/themeanalysis.html 24/04/05Womans right and roles 2005http//www.unesco.no/kommunikasjon/hukommelse/ibsen.html. 24/04/05Womans Liberation, Ibsen 2005http//www.international-relations.com/cm3-2/Feminismweb. html24/04/05

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