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The Character of the Curate and Marian in Old Mrs. Chundle by Thomas Ha

The use of the government minister and Marian in Old Mrs ChundleIn Thomas Hardys defraud story, Old Mrs Chundle, the diplomatic minister is awell-respected, well-mannered and considerate man. He is determined tospread the denomination of God to Mrs Chundle. Mrs Chundle is also aconsiderate woman. She does non regularly cut back the church and livesalone in S fall outh Wales.At the beginning of the story, the Curate asks for some lunch from MrsChundle. At first Mrs Chundle did not hear the Curate, so he has torepeat what he asked earlier. The Curate is an open man he is notashamed of asking food from others and is willing to dine with an ancientwoman. This shows that the Curate is a friendly man and he does not examine people.The Curate strikes up a friendly conversation, which eventually leadsto Mrs Chundle lying or so visiting the church one time a week. Due tothis, the Curate thinks he and Mrs Chundle have something in common asho belongs in the alike church, which Mrs C hundle lied about. He hopesto see Mrs Chundle again which shows that the curate has become kindafriendly with her and also shows that he is a pleasant man. When theCurate is talking to his rector, he finds out about the lie MrsChundle told. His view of Mrs Chundle changes for a get around while. Henow thinks of her as a wicked woman.In Eudor Weltys short story, A Visit Of Charity, Marian is atypical 14-year-old teenager. She is a campfire girlfriend stressful to gain a fewer points by visiting old ladies in an Old Ladies Home.At the beginning of the story, Marian, holding a potted plant, jumpsoff the bus, clams for a moment besides a prickly dark pubic hair and thenproceeds towards the Old Ladies Home. She says to the nurse at thedesk, Im a Campfire girl I ... ...had notavoided her, Mrs Chundle would have had the joy of listening to Godswords once more before she had died.Marian had not particularly learnt an important lesson. She is and ayoung adolescent. The only reason she had visited the old ladies wasfor a few points. When Marian came out of the Old Ladies Home, thefirst thing she did was take out her apple from under the bush andtook a cut out of it. This shows that Marian was not affected inanyway from her experience with the old ladies. She had not gone tovisit the old ladies out of her own choice only when only for herself.The Curate had learnt the most from his experience as he showed thesigns of confusion, misdeed and had to ask for forgiveness from God.Marian had just taken a bite out of her apple as soon as she got out.She showed no signs of apprehension and compassion toward the old ladies.

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