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Comparing Courage and Cowardice in A Dolls House, Ghosts and Hedda Gab

Courage and Cowardice in A Dolls House, Ghosts and Hedda Gabler All successful geting period consists of conflict, whether between or within char players. Henrik Ibsens work, A Dolls House is no exception. Ibsens play studies Noras early courage and her confirmation of that courage at the end of the play. Noras potentiality of character in forging her fathers signature on a loan, and the repercussions of that act, succeed much of the driving force for the drama. But Noras great alternative remains until the last act. She speaks of the most wonderful thing, she has countless opportunities to escape from her dilemma through the assistance of Krogstad or Rank, but it is not until the final pages of Act IV that her final decision, and that resounding door slam, emphasize Noras final courageous choice to leave her husband and unhealthy marriage. If A Dolls House takes an early act of courage as its driving force, its successor, Ghosts, uses one of cowardice. Mrs. Alvings early fai lure to disclose her husbands true character and actions to his children provides the tragic flaw for t...

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