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The Bible as a Historical Document :: Research Religion Mark Religious Papers

The Bible as a historical DocumentMARKS THEOLOGY REFLECTED IN WRITING fall guy and the other evangelists utilise basically five ways to change,edit or enhance Jesus sayings to job their own views of Christianity.According to the Five Gospels Book, plagiarism and changing of set upup wasnot a crime, but actually very common stigmas succession. Besides, Mark neverknew Jesus first-hand, he somehow had to make a story from basicallyHearsay Mark groups different parables and sayings of Jesus by topic fashioning a false fall uponion that these things happened in order. This mayhave itsy-bitsy effect on changing the meaning of the lesson, however itillustrates the fact that Mark was trying to author a readable story forpeople, rather than a book of facts. The best shell would be in Mark1017-31 (Jesus Counsel to the Rich) & (Parable of The Camel and the Eyeof a Needle). It is doubtful that these things happened at the same timehowever, they are GREY in The Five G ospels anyway ... and in all probability didnthappen as Mark describes. This brings us to Marks writing style. Mark seems to tack-on sentences to Jesus teachings to make themmore Christian. This really changes the meaning more than any other tactics Who knows what Mark may have edited-out to accomplish what hewanted to impress upon his readers? In this, he tries to interpret themeaning of Jesus actions ... and does this in a misleading way. Forexample Mark 219, Jesus regarding Fasting. Jesus makes a salubriousstatement against importance to fasting, but Mark (in 220) tags on further the days will come when the bridegroom will be interpreted awayfrom them, and they will fast in those days. This blatantly shows that Mark held higher(prenominal) regard for the OldTraditions of Fasting rather than Jesus new teachings This is also anexample of Christianizing Jesus according to traditions that havealready earned respect from Jews in their tradition. (Wow, th is isstarting to sound like a fight between Todays semipolitical Parties, isntit? Jesus = Liberal Politics / Judaism = Conservative Politics). Finally, Mark likes to soften the blow of Jesus awkward sayings. He does this for probably the same reason Paul preached that Circumcisionwas not unavoidable for Christians.

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