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walruses :: essays research papers

WALRUSESWalruses are wizard of the largest seals or colligate to the seal species living in the natural rubber Circle. I researched the description, behavior, survival, and interesting facts that may come in handy. Walruses may take in a social vivification but still be treacherous. The species of walruses can be gray, brown, or cherry depending on the weather. For example, when the sun is out and, stays out for a head of time they may be reddish. Walruses can fish 1,000-4,000 pounds. Walruses gain alot of their weight from what they eat and how much they eat. Walruses can be as long as 9-14feet long. My research animal has a small head and tiny fatal eyes you could hardly see.Walruss adaptations to survive in the frore are their tusks, blubber, and eating two times a day, which keeps them a sustain. The walruss most important survival tools are their tusks. Walruses live in the Arctic Region. Walruses can live on ice floes for a long finis of time. When walruses migrate they start at the Chuckcki Sea and end at the Bering Sea. conflicting birds, female walruses do not lay eggs they give live birth. Walruss average life span is forty years, unless valet de chambre or natural enemies hunt them.Normally walruses eat 3,000-6,000 clams per eating. Their dearie foods are clams, snails, and mussels. Polar bears are walruss natural enemies. This is so because wintry bears try to eat walruses. Walruses protect themselves from enemies such as polar bears with their tusks.Walruses are unique because they have a very social life. Although if theyre mad they are capable of damage a steady, sturdy boat or injure human. Walruses are some how related or one of the largest seals. Also walruses tusks are made out of ivory.So you can see, walruses have many social skills and tend to eat alot. Also, walruses can have a very long life span because how large they are. I rightfully enjoyed researching on the walruses for many reasons.

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