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HRD in Bangladesh: Chronological Background Essay

Human resource ontogenesis (HRD)( is the most useful device for enhancing the k presentlyledge, skills, and attitudes of managers to accomplish their tasks efficiently. It helps inculcate right determine and attitudes among the managers as well as administrators and their subordinates. It keeps them abreast with changes taking place in various spheres. It is thus, an investment in human resources to ensure the continued forest and adaptability of the administrators of both public and private sector organizations to change and their ability to arrest contemporary social and economic problems. Today it has come to be regarded as very vital and a precondition for interior(a) development. In forthwiths world everything is changing rapidly and every country has to roll in the hay with such changes. The strong urge felt by governments to formulate capture policies, make sequencely decisions and implement those decisions to meet the changing demands of the citizens, force them to r eform the managerial skills and competence through systematic educational activity. Even the poorer nations of the world now embark upon building teach infrastructure for the development of their human resources in an attempt to achieve the goals for wider social, economic and political development.They are often support in their efforts by inter bailiwick donors, whose advocacy of good governance is another(prenominal) important reason for the increasing emphasis on training and the outgrowth expansion training arrangements in poorer countries. With a view to contribute in our national development, a good number of public and private training institutes have been playing their role since Pakistan period. In 1960, Gazetted Officers study Academy (GOTA) was cross out up in Dhaka for regular and systematic training of the civic servants. National Institute of Public boldness (NIPA) was set up at Dhaka in 1961 mainly to impart public administration training to the mid-level offic ers of central and provincial governments, autonomous and local bodies. At the same time Bangladesh charge information Center (BMDC) was established under the Ministry of Industry in revision to develop our manpower into human resources through management training.In 1970, BMDC turned into an autonomous training institute. To cater for the training needs of the sr. administrators, another training institute Bangladesh Administrative Staff College (BASC) was established in 1977 as an apex institute. In 1984 the government merged NIPA, COTA and BASC to the Public Administration education Complex (PATC). PATC, later renamed as Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center (BPATC), is entrusted with the responsibility of imparting training to officers of all categories. In order to synchronize the efforts of different training institutions and to make training relevant to the demonstrate of national development, a National Training Policy was formulated in 1986.At present many t raining institutes like BCS (admin) Academy, Bangladesh Institute of trouble (BIM), Bangladesh Public Administration Training Center (BPATC), Land Acquisition Training Center (LATC), Bangladesh Academy for Rural Development (BARD), Academy for Planning and Development (APD), Rural Development Academy (RDA) and National Academy for Education and Management (NAEM) are playing a vital role in our national development as the public training institutes through training activities. anyhow these, few NGOs like HAMIBA HRD centre of attention, BRAC, Steps towards Development (STD), PROSHIKA, Resource Integration Centre (RIC), SKILL (Specialized Knowledge and Information Liner for Life), SPEED and so on are initiating training activities as private sector training institutes for our national development. pic( HRD is a process of developing human resource through tolerate need based training.HR Functions Employee DevelopmentObjectivesAfter reading this chapter you should be able to Be fami liar with HRD programs in Bangladesh Identify the HRD approaches Distinguish in the midst of HRD and HRM Discuss the activities involved in HRD process

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