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Analyse the Representation of the Figure of the Refugee

Sea these lines, the narrator connects the discourse on asylum with conditions of hospitality in his host country. In fact, Sales situation Is little better than MIS- cultivatable he describes himself as a stranger who Is only half brisk (BBS, 2). This rather pessimistic perspective may be rooted In his uncertain status of home on the one hand, and In his learning of only a Limited freedom on the other.In this dramatic- station of a refugee plight, Guarani demonstrates that, to use Derails words, the stakes of Immigration do not In on the whole rigor collide with those of hospitality which reach beyond the civic or properly political space (Deride 2005. 6). Conclusion What are we to make of Guaranis portrayals of refugee predicament in light of the earlier mapped out discourse of labeling? Does Guaranis novel as a matter of fact offer new representational alternatives to wide-spread stereotypes? I believe it does.To me By the Sea achieves a rare quality of credibleness when the fragmented plot illuminates the two protagonists intertwined pasts. In this way the narrative draws a shoo-historical framework of migrant which illustrates the mens present interpersonal relationship in Britain and their diametrical approaches to say- lump. Through exchanging memories both protagonists confront their excruciatingly knotted histories and generate an atmosphere of forgiveness. Moreover, the novels grounding in various settings of the British imperial attempt makes By the Sea a critique of colonialism and its legacy while illustrating the different lives

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