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Argos Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning (STP)

Argos partitioning, Targeting and military position (STP)IntroductionThe objective of this assignment is to understand Argos segmentation, staining and situation in strategic commercializeing and how Argos uses STP to gain competitive advantage. In strategic merchandise STP plays a vital role in the organization or company because it is a grocery storeing outline for dividing marketplace in segments, markinging guests and making a position for growths. (Whaley, A.2010, P12) Competitive Advantage is valuable for a company because it gives a company advantage oer its competitors and gained by offering consumers greater grade, either by means of minusculeer prices or by providing greater benefits and service of parades.Argos is a unique retail company in the UK. Its slogan is choice, survey and convenience (Argos i, 2010). Argos was founded in 1973 and it owned by GUS PLC. Argos sells world(a) merchandise and other products for the home from 750 stores throughout th e UK, republic of Ireland, North Ireland, Wales and Scotland. (HRG PLC one-year i 2010A). Moreover, there argon 33,000 employees argon working in Argoss stores. Argos serves over 130m guests through stores and takes 26% of gross revenue through the internet. (Argos i, 2010). In 2010, there argon 19,300 products registered in Argos latest spring and summer catalogued. (HRG PLC Annual i 2010).Argos major league products argon toys, jewellery, sports, electrical bang-ups and leisure equipment and these goods making up50% of its gross revenue mix(scribd i2010).As the leader in UK for general merchandise retail, Argos latest revenue is 1,812.8M in 2010 which is less from 2009 and it sales down 3%. Multi-channel sales grew to 44% of Argos sales in the first half of the year. The internet meaned 32% of Argos sales (HRG PLCi 2010B). Argos is unique amongst its major competitors. Its main competitors are Tesco, Asda, PC World, Homebase and Currys, and online retailer Amazon.co.uk. ent irely competitors assume internet presence. However, Tesco recently has been trying to imitate Argos retailing personal manner with its Tesco direct catalogue and in-store shops. (Scribd i, 2010)What is STP?STP stands for Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning. In strategic marketing STP is the second level. In STP segmentation(S) the market segment deciding which customer to aspire (T) deciding what messages you want the targets to associate with you what is called positioning(P).The whole exploit of dividing the market in assorted segments, targeting customers and product positioning is known as STP. (Whalley, A. 2010,P12).STP is one of the most consequential soures in strategic marketing which focusing should take on both at the start of a vernal offer creation as well as part of a periodic revision of the collection of offers and strategies by the organization.Taken from Whalley, A. 2010, and P72.2.1 SegmentationSegmentation is the first step in STP process. In strate gic marketing Segmentation cease be defined as a process of dividing the total market in different segments for product or service into distinct sub-groups. (Whalley, A. 2010, P72). In segmentation each segment represents a break apart target market to be reached with a distinctive marketing mix. market sit segment means dividing the market into different subsets of customers with different needs.Segmentation can besides be summarized as dividing the market by set of Pre- set criteria.(Taken from Whalley, A. 2010, P72) diametrical variables can play a role in buying decision of the customers. In segmentation it is important to focus on the customer needs rather than other variables such as geography, demographics, occasion, behaviours etc. utilesegmentation is not easy to achieve, because in the society different groups of pile have different choices and needs some products. It can only be achieved when customers share similar of demands.2.2 TargetingIn the STP process, the second step is targeting the market. later on the completion of segmentation companies decide which segment they need to target and it depends on the size, area, profit and growth of each segments. Thus, Targeting of market is defined as the acknowledgment of market segments that are identified as being the most potential purchasers of a companys product. (Whalley, A 2010P76) In targeting, a company should target segments in which it has a differential advantage over its competitors.In targeting companies decide to target one or much segments. For that purpose choice roughly targeted segments should principally depend on the several factors. The first factor in targeting is checking the subsisting level of the competition and how good it is serving the customers need. The organisation should know slightly segment, how large it is and how we can expect it to grow and have company strengths as company that will helps customers demand particularly to one group of customers. Com panys factual ability of communication with the segment is also an important factor for companies in targeting. (Whalley, A.2010P76)2.3 PositioningAfter segmentation and targeting the next step is positioning in STP process. It refers to the way in which an organization sets itself apart in the market and how its products are perceived by the target market as a whole. (Whalley, A 2010P77) Product positioning is the process of designing product features. These features are product, place, promotion and distribution. Positioning is virtually the communication of the overall value of mesmerism such as that it creates and maintains it clearly to customers. A product position is the place where product occupies in consumers minds. Market position gives a product a clear, unique and desirable place in the minds of target consumers. It is really important for the firm to define market segments, determine the target segments and understand customer needs, expectation and priorities .The study of competitors positioning about services and products are very important for a company, because its essential for a company to make good position for its customers and communication about products for customer needs. Customers need should be a main priority of an organization. (Whalley, A.2010P77)Discuss Argoss segmentation, targeting and positioning3.1 Argoss segmentationAs discussed previously, market segmentation means dividing a market into different subsets of customers with different needs. Different variables can play a role in purchasing decision of customers. In Argos demographic access is used because demography is the study of state and it refers to personal statistics the like in jazz, age, gender, nationality, religion, and occupations etc. Argos adopts demographic approach because this approach represent the every member of the society i.e. there are many higher(prenominal) and low income people in society, they have different needs about products. Further much, people of different ages and choice for men and women also important for a company before dividing the market in different segments. Argoss strategy about market segmentation is to fulfil the need of every customer. It does not liaison customer is rich or poor, male or female, educational or uneducated etc. Argos creates well balanced market segment for its target and product. (The Times i, 2010)3.2 Argoss TargetingCustomers buying habits change with the passage of time. Advancement of the technology changes customer shop habits because technology makes its access simple for people. Many people forthwith like to use modern technology for shopping and purchasing different products, for that purpose they like to use internet, telephone. Many people like to come into stores to buy goods but the proportions of online buyers are increasing. This behaviour of customers changes companies approach of targeting. Argos thus uses a variety of modern transmit to communicate with custom ers and to provide them with facilities for questioning about availability of stock, and for making purchases.Argos recognizes that its many customers have different needs and cull to shop in different ways. Argos targeting approach is getting to success because Argoss customers have already decided what they want to buy before visiting stores. Argos targeting approach make its value reliable for its customers because its targeting strategy aims to target more and more customers and make easy access for its products. Hence, Argos is using modern technology to target its customers because in this busy world ,where people are using advanced(a) technology for communication make essential for Argos to use it for targeting customers. (The Times i, 2010)3.3 Argos PositioningAs discussed previously, product positioning is the process of designing product features. These features are product, place, promotion and distribution. Positioning is the final step in STP process. A strong positio ning strategy is very important for company. Argos product positioning is using a differentiated market strategy. Argos low prices create value for its customers and its branded products lines are able to meet the demands of customers. Argos uses low price strategy because it is able to achieve cutting cost through retailing channels and it does not require a large shop space and giant staff. Argos positioning strategy about place divides in three formats. These formats are store format, online format and catalogues. In distribution feature, Argos distributes products through Royal charge and its own delivery services. Argos uses advertising tools like internet, TV and indirect advertising through shopping catalogues for the promotion of its products. (Scribd i, 2010)Argos as a truly multi-channel, value orientated general merchandise Retail Company. Its strategy about product positioning is differentiated and formatted. Argos offers highly competitive customers through its posit ioning features like product, place, distribution and promotion. Infrastructure advantages strategy is to gain infrastructure advantage to adjoin revenue for this purpose Argos spends capital to improve its stores because strong infrastructure also helpful to create product position in market for customers. Argos positioning about reductions or increased flexibility cost has been achieved while Argos is passive maintaining or improving its operational standards. (HRG PLCi 2010B).ConclusionIn conclusion, the STP process always plays a vital role in strategic marketing, because of the naval division of market into segments, targeting segments and positioning of products. Argos is a unique retailer company in the UK. It has a unique STP strategy policy as a company for dividing market into segments demographic strategy is used for market dividing because its more suitable than other variables such as geography, occasion, behaviours etc. Argos strategy for targeting customers is fle xile because Argos uses a variety of modern channels to communicate with customers and to provide them with facilities for inquiring about availability of stock, and for making purchases. Argos strong product positioning is altogether for the benefit of its customers. As a UK retailer company Argos is unique, popular and lucky because it is focused around meeting customer needs. Argos has gained competitive advantage on the reason of providing the best value of money for its customers through the best products branding, low prices, place, distribution and promotion.In this assignment, my main objective was to discuss Argos as retailing companyand its STP strategy in strategic marketing. Furthermore, its aim was to sight howArgos uses STP to gain competitive advantage from rivals by differentiating itselfon the basis of providing the best value for money for customers through the mostconvenient shopping experience.

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