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Jim Crow Laws in the United States Essay -- essays research papers

Imagine living in a world where you be harassed because of your skin color. Imagine knowing that is all you can weigh forward to. That is all your children and grandchildren can look forward to. Discrimination has been roughly for a long time, even before prehistory. Someone always thinks that they are better than others because of their skin color, sex, race, etc. Social classes and slavery are upright two examples of discrimination. Even though our Constitution is based on exemption, our take in Constitution allowed for discrimination of African Americans for around 100 years. It allowed White mess to harass slow people. If we base our country on giving freedom to everybody, shouldn?t it include everyone? Discrimination against Blacks was called Jim vaporing laws. The laws made sure Blacks and Whites had control contact, and different lifestyles. They made sure Blacks stayed in different section of trains, restrooms, restaurants, buses, and oft more. Jim Crow laws said that everything had to be ?Separate but equal?. However, virtually places weren?t equal for blacks. Take a look into the past, and learn when the Jim Crow laws started, its life, and how it was challenged by courageous people.Jim Crow Laws started in the South after the complaisant war. The laws started around 1865. The term Jim Crow came to be because of a famous troubadour show in 1828 written by Thomas Dartmouth Daddy rice about a Black farmer named Jim Crow, ?Klarman 5?. Jim Crow Laws are often confused with Black Codes. Jim Crow laws are different from Black Codes because the Black Codes started before Jim Crow Laws, and ended during the civil war. The Jim Crow Laws became exceedingly popular in the South and in the West, however, the North wasn?t that too large into the Jim Crow Laws... ...y, this law only affected schools ?Brown versus Board of reading 1&2?. Jim Crows laws had a major impact on joined States history. The Jim Crow Laws were preceded by the Black Codes. Because of the Jim Crow laws, Blacks were taught that they were inferior to Whites, and it was accepted item that they were inferior. There were many cases to trying to stop the Jim Crow laws, and some of them were successful. Sadly, there were many cases in which the right thing weren?t done. However, during the 1960?s the complaisant Rights movement came around, and a new wave of change was in the air. With tooshie F. Kennedy as president, Martin Luther King Jr. as a prominent courteous Right Leader, a new chapter began in American history. The sequestration was over, at least in the eyes of the law. Sadly, it took some more time for segregation to be really over in the heart and mind of people.

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