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The Sun Also Rises :: essays research papers

The cheerfulness Also Rises I cannot express to you how glad I amthat I am taking this class. I am thoroughly enjoyingHemingway. The Sun Also Rises is one of the best sacred scripturesIve read in quite a long time. For a while there, I was, forGod hit the sacks what reason, taking physics and Chemis attack andBiology. It is really an adventure to be back with books andwords and version. I am also amazed that I neer couldread to a greater extent of Him when it wasnt an assignment. And how isit that when I am told to write "a 3-5 page es register" I can onlycome through with two-and-a-half, scarce a "one-page solvent" always wants to be twenty pages long? I finishedreading SAR around ten oclock tonight. I could have takenit all in one big gulp when I began a week ago, but I couldntdo that. It wanted me to bring it come forward slowly, so I often foundmyself reading five or ten pages and laying it aside to absorbwithout engulfing. A man gets used to reading sen sation Wars andpulp fiction and New York Times Bestsellers and forgetswhat literature is until it slaps him in the face. This book waswritten, not churned out or word-processed. Again, Ithoroughly enjoyed reading. I never noticed it until it wasbrought up in class, maybe because it wasnt a point for mein In Our Time, but He doesnt often enough creditquotations with, ",he said," or, ",said Brett," or, ",Billreplied." In SAR it stood and called attention to itself. Iwasnt particularly bothered by His not heavy me who saidwhat, but it was very...pointed. I first noticed around the ordinal page or so. Then I realized I couldnt animation trackof who was speaking. By not dwelling on it, though, sort of(hate to say this) accepting it, I managed to assign speech towhomever I felt was speaking. bit by bit I came to enjoy it,in another plane of reading, figuring out from whom wordswere originating. To not notice it, as if it were one of thoseannoying three-D posters that you cant see until you make aconcerted effort not to try and see, became simple - muchlike those 3-D pictures are once you know what not to lookfor. (I abhor ending sentences with prepositions...) His nottelling was heighten to the story. It made things comeeven more alive. As a talk that youre hearing at anearby table in a restaurant, the exchanges flowed, with meas a more passive reader than in a story written to be read

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