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Uses of ICT and Computers in Britain :: ICT Essays

What is ICT? - A Brief OutlineICT stands for In rollation and Communication Technology, and istechnology apply to compensate information and aid communication. ICTsystems argon often of much benefit to our mundane lives. We cannot goto the bank or supermarket without avoiding an ICT system in one formor another. Companies and organisations often implement ICT systems tohelp them go about their business, as strong as their customers orclients, more than efficiently and increase their productivity. Barcodes ar a classic example of an ICT system being implemented to move over abusiness run more efficiently. Instead of having to price for each one itemindividually, shops and supermarkets had the price, and productdetails already printed on the packaging, meaning a lot of time andmoney was saved.What is ICT in education?Since the development of the depression microprocessor in 1972, computersand technology have evolved rapidly. As we have become more dependenton this technology, we have felt it necessary to teach the dregs of the peopleabout it. Hence, in the mid seventies, computer systems were graduallyintroduced to schools and other educational institutions. As systemsdeveloped, more and more students took an interest in the subject, aswell as the realisation of these educational institutions thatcomputers could aid teaching and learning in more than one way.Nowadays, in almost all schools, colleges and universities today,there are ICT systems in place that are used to aid education in oneway or another. Many have networks, with access to the net incomestudents, which give students access to vast quantities ofinformation, which is an immense study aid.However, so some different pieces of technology are used in schools,colleges and universities today, that it is hard to go down what isused for education, and what is not. You could say that any piece ofequipment that can be used by the students, to their benefit is ICTbeing used in education. Examples of this could be a network ofcomputers in a school, allowing students to type essays, and doresearch on the Internet. ICT in education could even stretch to theuse of a digital camera by an art student. It is anything that aidsthe student in its education, whether it is a word processor or adigital camera.Sources of Information nearly of the information that I use will come from my sources ofprimary information, that is The manufactory Hill School Foundation andMiddlesex University. I will however, be development some secondaryinformation. This is information that I will get from the Internet,books, give-and-take articles, television programs, etc. The two will be usedin conjunction to from the report.

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