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The Role of Marketing Research at Nike :: Business Management Studies

The Role of Marketing look for at NikeThis essay answers the following six questions concerning Nike.Q1.) Should Nike switch from a reduce on celebrities to a focus on its crossings in its advertising? hold forth the role of marketing research inhelping the Nike management to crystalize this decision. What kind ofresearch should be undertaken?Q2.) Discuss the buying behavior of consumer with complaisance to gymnasticfootwear.Q3.) What is the management decision problem as it attempts to retain its lead position?Q4.) Discuss marketing research problem facing Nike, disposed the management decision problem you have identified?Q5.) Develop cardinal suitable research questions and formulate two hypotheses for each.Q6.) How can internet be used to help Nike in conducting marketing research and in marketing its product.Q1.) Should Nike switch from a focus on celebrities to a focus on itsproducts in its advertising? Discuss the role of marketing research inhelping t he Nike management to make this decision. What kind ofresearch should be undertaken? serve up- Yes, it should change its focus from celebrities to itsproduct as we can see that the Nike Shox was a run away success in U.Kand U.S. Marketing research leave alone help Nike management to find out eheffectiveness of celebrities focused adds to product feature adds.Descriptive research should be undertaken as it gives a conclusiveresult.Q2.) Discuss the buying behavior of consumer with respect to athleticfootwear.Answer - citizenry buy things for obvious and hidden reasons. The importance ofthe product determines the amount of image and effort into thepurchase. For instance buying behavior of athletic footwear award for bedifferent for serious sports athletics and different for otherconsumers.acrobatic footwear can be categorized into 3 typesAthleisure = Casual athletic styles, canvas, suede, etc.Recreational Boots = Hunting, Fishing. Waterboot etc.Sports based = Golf, Ba sketball, Soccer etc. on that point are essential factors that consumers take into consideration out front purchasing a new pair of Athleisure slips. Stability?the shoes should have a equilibrize and secure feel throughoutrange of motion.Flexibility?the shoes should allow for a good degree of give at thebase of the toes, providing runny motion.Comfort?walking shoes should comprise contours and padding conformedclosely to the feet, providing a snug fit at the heel and midfoot,with ample room in the forefoot.There are essential factors that Athletics take into considerationbefore purchasing a new pair of Sports based shoes. Heelcounter?the area of the shoe that holds the back of the heel, just

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